About Us

Our purpose is to enhance the quality of life in our vibrant and diverse community by attracting and supporting high caliber arts.

Board of Directors

Karen Kirkman • Co-President
Brian Bessler • Co-President
Sonya Busch • Immediate Past President
Cindy Purfeerst • Treasurer
Mary Hamann-Roland • Vice President, Development and Philanthropy
Anna Yakle • Secretary
Susan Muelken • Director, City of Apple Valley Liaison

Karen Allawala • Director
Craig Bryan • Director
Karen Dyck • Director
Chris Ellickson • Director
Rich Franson • Director
Lynn Kielas • Director
Ken Kirkman • Director
David Shaw • Director
Carla Tappainer • Director
Joe Tappainer • Director
Tasha Wells • Director

Board of Advisors

Anne Barnes • Advisor
Bill Blatzheim • Advisor
David Roland • Advisor
Cheryl Ryan • Advisor
Judy Sagen • Advisor
Jake Wicker • Advisor

The Apple Valley Arts Foundation is a proud member of the
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits.